Fall Festival

It is that time of year when the leaves start changing color and the days are cooler—-everywhere else but here lol. Despite the fact that it still feels like summer, our school had a fabulous fall festival and we are using it as our theme this week. The sensory groups explored lots colorful boxes. The fine motor groups made some leafy crafts and the language group led a costume parade inviting all their elementary friends to a mini fall festival.






We filled this box with items associated with fall and things you might see at a fall festival such as silk fall leaves, pumpkins, play food, and scarecrows. We even included a little tractor to pull a hay ride!



Recognize a model of a real object is a science access point.





There was a chili cook-off at our festival and since chili usually contains beans, we brought out our dried mixed beans for this box.

We added some Bingo Game numbers for the students to find.


Associate quantities with number names is a math access point.





This orange rice with black beans was also a perfect box for this unit. The students searched for letter F’s and there was a colorful fall picture to find at the bottom of the box.



Recognize objects that are identical to each other is a science access point.





Instead of 1 color of play dough, this week we had 2! The students had fun using a leaf shaped cookie cutter to cut out yellow and red leaves. When mixed together we even get a third color—-orange!



Apply a push to move an object is science access point.





This fall umbrella is one of our favorites. The yellow umbrella with the colorful craft foam and silk leaves was very eye catching and a big hit with the students. To add to the fun we included some eye-catching bubbles—-just like the bubbles we had at our festival!


Track objects in motion is a science access point.






There are always lots of yummy treats to be had at a fall festival. To represent all the yumminess, we made some chocolate cloud dough. Fun for molding or scooping, the students had a blast!



Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move, is a science access point.






The students used a sieve to scoop up craft foam leaves or a little orange dish scrubber floating in the water.




Match objects by one observable property, such as shape, is a science access point.






Bath and BodyWorks made the perfect scent for this week—–pumpkin pie paradise! A yummy scent that left our students smelling delicious 🙂



Recognize one or more external body parts is a science access point.







On Tuesday we made a fall collage.

First, we identified the color of our fall leaves using communication symbols.

Identify objects by one observable property, such as color, is a science access point.






Then we made some branches and twigs using brown markers. Some of the students used one of our switch operated writers we made using a switch toy and some velcro.


Apply a push to move an object is a science access point.






After they finished drawing, the students glued some leaves onto their branches. They also glued on a little scarecrow that they colored earlier in the day.



Recognize a movement that reflects a spatial relationship, such as up and down, is a math access point.






We are having some fall fun!










On Wednesday we made a tree with colorful fall leaves using this:tree template

The students identified the color of the leaves and the shape of our paper using communication symbols.




Match objects by one observable property such, such as color, is a science access point. Recognize objects with two-dimensional shapes, such as circle or square, is a math access point.






We used a crayon resist technique by painting watered down orange paint over brown crayon.

Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is a science access point.

Then the students placed a paper towel on top to soak up the extra paint.

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.






Next, they glued some colorful silk leaves on to their trees.

Recognize when an object is added to a situation is a math access point.
















                                                                   Happy Fall Ya’ll!







This week our students led their friends on a costume parade around the elementary building to the multi-use room we had set up for a fall festival.

First everyone had to pick our their costumes. Ms. Robin’s class decided on a pirates theme!





Adjust body movement or nonverbal expression with prompting as necessary to communicate wants and needs, is a language access point.





The students were pretty pleased with their selections and we think they looked pretty grrrrrreat!






                                                                   Ahoy mateys!






The students set sail, inviting all their friends to join the fun!!










Other classes dressed up too—–we had some dwarves, good witches, and……..





                                                      ……….a pack of dalmatians!






We recently got this really cool wheelchair tunnel which we brought out for the first time! To give it a kind of “fun house” feel, we attached a rope light to the top—–very eye catching to our students.

We talked about going IN the tunnel and coming OUT of the tunnel.

                                                               This was a hit!!!






It wouldn’t be a fall festival without some yummy treats!






To tell us what they wanted, our students used communication symbols.   They formed sentences by indicating “I want ___ please” .    There was a communication strip at each different food or drink so that they could request what they wanted.  Adults helped, as needed, pointing to the symbols to model the use of them or providing hand over had help for those who need a bit more assistance.






The photo booth was a hit!






Our little pirates sure put on a fabulous fall festival!

It was a wonderful time to socialize and practice our communication skills!  The costumes were a major perk 🙂





We had such a fun week! Join us next time for more fun and learning——Group by Group!





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