October After Party

Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school.

Here are photos teachers have sent of their students exploring the different sensory boxes during the months of October 2017.


We started the month learning about Johnny Appleseed.

Our apple tree umbrella was a big hit!




The students sorted red, white, and green pompom apples.

They did a great job.



They looked for the letter A, in green rice with black bean apple seeds.





They stamped apple shapes in red moon sand and drew apples in green shaving foam.

A small watering can was a fun way to rinse the shaving foam off hands!




Next we learned about Charlie Brown and the rest of the characters in Peanuts.

The students explored the concepts of hard (like Schroeder’s piano) and soft (like Linus’ blanket) in this box.

They made clouds out of white Floam for Snoopy the Red Baron.




They wore some Joe Cool sunglasses and…

made zig zag patterns with fluffy chenille stems in the colors of Charlie Brown’s shirt.






The students found the letter P in our water play and had a blast finger painting in real pumpkin puree!

This was MESSY 🙂





We learned about the country of Colombia. One of our teachers is from that fabulous country and shared great photos for our book.

The students learned about the different regions of the country including the Amazon rainforest region.







There are lots of beautiful beaches in Colombia.

Ours had a variety of shells to discover in the sand.






The students really enjoyed our Insta Snow box representing the snow capped mountains.

Real emeralds are mined in Colombia. Since we didn’t have any real emeralds on hand, we let the students do some mining in our emerald green kinetic sand.

Colombia is world famous for its coffee and the students were very intrigued by both he aroma and texture of our box of coffee beans.





Shaving cream “lava” erupting from a volcano was a hit with the students.

Hands were rinsed in a mini ocean filled with fish.





Our Fall Festival was so much fun that we dedicated our next unit to all the fun of fall.

We brought out our colorful fall umbrella which is always a hit with the students.








There was a bubble machine at our festival so we added some bubbles to our cart.

Everyone loves bubbles 🙂




There were letter F’s to find in our “chili” beans.

Leaves to cut out of orange play dough and….

some fun chocolate cloud dough to explore!




We finished the month with a Monsters in Movies unit!

The “Hotel Transylvania” umbrella was a big hit.

Very eye catching!





Also eye catching was our purple kinetic sand in our “Descendants” box.

They also discovered a variety of movie characters in this box.








The students had fun making their own Frankenstein monsters using green Floam and Mr. Potato head parts.

They made Scooby Doo snacks out of blue Bubber.





Shaving foam was perfect for making some ghosts like Casper.








Messy hands were rinsed in a Pirates of the Caribbean lagoon!

Lots of fun!




Thanks for joining us———-see you next time!

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